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SMAX Scenario: Hammertime!
« on: January 24, 2021, 01:44:19 AM »
SMAX Scenario: Hammertime!
by Darsnan, July 20, 2014 WPC


Location: Dynesian Low Grav Training facility, Greater Pol Sphere


Background: with a gravity of only 0.623 standard and little atmosphere, the Dynesian Low Grav facility is considered one of the best training facilities for low gravity warfare in human space.



Episode 1: Ambushed!


As they walked across the dusty planetoid surface, Brevit-Commander Antonio Al Mudeh realized the visiting Morganite dignitary had said something and was now awaiting a response. "Yes Councilor", Al Mudeh offered, "it is very typical of our organization that we form our new units with a mixture of old hands and new recruits."

"But how can you guarantee their integrity in battle?", the dignitary, Councilor Leonidas, responded, getting quickly to the point, "You have nothing to back your claim as to how they will perform as a unit under the rigors of an actual combat situation". Leonidas stopped and turned to face Al Mudeh in order to highlight his point, "you understand, we are not in the habit of hiring 'show battalions' . The units we contract with will be expected to go and fight where we tell them to, and under extreme and varied environments. A physical unit with a proven record of working together in such environments would be viewed much more favorably than a group of soldiers just picked up off the streets". Leonidas turned and resumed walking, inviting Al Mudeh to respond.

Al Mudeh had enough experience with civilians to understand that the conversation was now more about the contract, and the price he could get for his brigade of troops, than the surface insult which had been directed at him. He turned and walked with Leonidas, "Oh, I agree Councilor, units with experience should be able command more for their services” Al Mudeh paused to emphasize his point, before continuing, “for instance, The Legion deserves every credit their outfit earns: they’ve drawn some of the worst assignments on record, and have come out with a stellar record.” Al Mudeh’s oblique point as to how much it would cost to hire The Legion’s services made, he redirected the conversation, “However the contract you submitted to my organization specifically stated that it would involve deployment to a low gravity environment, and my unit was assembled specifically with that request in mind”. Al Mudeh motioned to the units displayed before them in parade formation, their combat armor in Garrison mode, “All these troopers have experience in low grav combat”. Al Mudeh continued, pointing to the armored chest on one of the Infantrymen before them, “and one of the methods we use to build cohesion within our units is to allow soldiers to wear citations they’ve earned in previous operations”.

Leonidas studied the citations on the trooper’s chest. One emblem caught his attention, “I’ve seen that before – what is that?”

“That citation was for the defense of New Stalingrad”, Al Mudeh answered, hoping Leonidas would pick up on the fact Al Mudeh had taken the time as commander to know each of his soldiers and their backgrounds.

“Oh really”, Leonidas responded, “I heard at one point in the battle they used dead combat troopers to fortify their foxholes – the frozen corpses were enough to stop railgun rounds”. Leonidas turned his attention to the trooper before him, “Is this true?”

There was a slight pause from the trooper, the eyes lost focus for a second and a far away look passed over her face, as if she relived the ghosts of those moments one more time, before the steel of the combat veteran returned, “Yes sir, that was true”.

Leonidas nodded. His question answered, he resumed walking down the line of soldiers, “and what about you, Commander? You seem a little young to be commanding a Brigade of combat troops”.

Al Mudeh resisted stating that all his officers’ dossiers were provided to Leonidas as part of the contract proposal. “I graduated as an officer candidate out of the Variable G Warfare School on Neumar”.

“Ah, always wanted to lead drop troopers, eh?”

Al Mudeh nodded, “I’ve made fifteen orbital assaults since then, ten at the company level leading combat troops. I was then promoted to battalion HQ”. Al Mudeh paused to let Leonidas consider this, before continuing, “on the last drop my HQ was wiped out and I assumed command of the battalion”.

“Ah yes, the Darneth Affair. You weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer there, were you?”

So Leonidas had at least glanced at Al Mudeh’s dossier! “In a low gravity environment speed and mobility are paramount. I took advantage of this more so than my adversaries”.

“If I recall correctly you achieved the objective by leading the survivors of your drop and systematically eliminating the other assault forces”.

Al Mudeh shrugged, “When the other assault forces weren’t trying to secure the objective, they were too busy trying to attack me where I had been, and not where I would be. This made them predictable in their movements”.

“Some might say your adversaries merely underestimated your ragtag group”.

Now it was Al Mudeh’s turn to smile, “Would you underestimate me, Councilor?”

Deciding this was not going to be a profitable approach to the conversation, Leonidas took a different tack, “as you had stated earlier, our contract involves a low gravity environment. It also involves the defense of a specific objective, which your troops would be assigned to protect against any incursions onto the planetoid surface”.

“A garrison assignment?”, Al Mudeh asked skeptically, “and you feel you need an entire brigade to protect this facility?”

“Let’s just say the issue of ownership of this facility may come into question during your assignment”, Leonidas responded, before continuing, “thus we have brought you here to our corporation's training facility”.

Al Mudeh nodded, “you want to assess our capabilities under a similar environment”.

“Yes”, Leonidas agreed, “you say that your soldiers have experience in low gravity environments, and you say that your unit can fight cohesively in this environment, but you have no proof of this" Leonidas paused, before continuing, "what my corporation intends to ascertain is whether your claims are factual or not". Leonidas took a step back and made a flourish with his arm, "and thus today's demonstration".

Al Mudeh studied Leonidas for a second. The man had gone passive, a faint smile tugging at the sides of his mouth. "I'm not following".

"When your brigade arrived we had them armed with simulators".

"Yes - you claimed you wanted a demonstration in marksmanship. We are ready to begin whenever you wish".

A new voice piped in over Al Mudeh's command channel, "Sir, tracking multiple bogeys approaching from the north".

Al Mudeh's eyes narrowed as he continued to scrutinize Leonidas: the man remained passive, however the smile on the corners of his lips seemed slightly more pronounced, as if the man was enjoying a private joke. Understanding swept over Al Mudeh - this was the "demonstration"! He snapped into command mode, "All units attack plan Delta", Al Mudeh took a second to assess the map data his combat suit's HUD was feeding him, then "Infantry, bearing West North West, Armor bearing West!"

The units before him responded: almost as one the combat armor of the individual soldiers went from garrison mode to field deployment, their combat suits' choosing the camouflage patterns best suited for the surrounding barren terrain. Infantry began deploying forward in skirmisher mode, while the turrets of the mobile artillery began slewing towards the danger, their tracked vehicles then beginning to follow the infantry.

The armor, the last to respond, moved slowly out from the surrounding garrison area. "Your not going to have your armor engage the threat?", Leonidas asked?

"Its overkill", Al Mudeh responded, pointing for emphasis to his receding infantry who were already approaching the near horizon of the planetoid, "in the low grav environment infantry can cover significant ground, and with the artillery support they are more than comparable to a battalion of hovertanks".

Al Mudeh's command com squawked to life again, "Commander, we are tracking incoming long range artillery".

Al Mudeh turned a quizzical eye to Leonidas, "how are you simulating an artillery strike?", he demanded.

Leonidas was taken aback, the smile fading from his face to be replaced by a puzzled frown, "I.... I don't know", the Councilor responded, "no one said anything about an artillery simulation".

Again Al Mudeh's eyes narrowed as he assessed things, "come with me" he said to Leonidas, and for emphasis he grabbed the collar of the Councilor's environmental suit and began dragging him towards the nearest bunker. Simultaneously Al Mudeh barked into this command com, "Trajectory?"

"Sir, projectiles just clearing the horizon now". A slight pause, then "Parabolic calculated: they are targeting your position. Repeat: HQ targeted!".

Al Mudeh reached the bunker and pulled Leonidas in behind him, and they hunkered down and waited. The final few seconds ticked off as the incoming rounds, bound by Newtonian physics, descended towards their position, and only at the last did the rounds become audible, screaming in through the thin atmosphere and detonating on their position.

The concussions shook the bunker, knocking Leonidas to the ground. Al Mudeh rode through the reverberations, his attention completely on his command channel, "Report", he demanded as the last of the detonations subsided.

"Minor injuries", the reply came, "they were targeting the parade ground - good call moving the unit out".

Al Mudeh ignored the compliment, "Belay the Infantry orders - tell them to skirmish Zebra. Repeat: Skirmish Zebra"

"Skirmish Zebra - acknowledged", then, more urgently, "Sir, more artillery being tracked. Same trajectory".

Al Mudeh turned to Leonidas. His eyes had narrowed again, but now there was a look of complete rage on the commander's face, "I have my soldiers moving towards what they believe is a simulated engagement", he paused in order to add emphasis, "but this is a trap, isn't it, Councilor?"

Leonidas, still on the ground from the last aftershock, looked up at the enraged commander, "I have no idea what you are talking about", he began, "its true that we wanted to see how you would respond to a surprise attack, but that was all it was intended to be - a simulated attack!". Leonidas cringed as Al Mudeh then took another step towards him in response, looming threateningly over him, "If any of your soldiers are killed, we will of course compensate you accordingly!" , Leonidas said almost pleadingly.

Al Mudeh's contempt reached its limit, "Morganite!" he spat contemptuously at the prostrate man before him. Then, regaining his control, he pulled a data pad from his combat armor, "then you will have no issues signing the contract". Al Mudeh proferred the tablet to Leonidas, "this will allow me to switch my men to live fire mode and protect themselves".

" I don't have the authority to sign this!", Leonidas protested.

"Then we are all going to die, Councilor", Al Mudeh responded. The second volley of incoming artillery rounds reached their target and began detonating on the parade grounds outside, nearer this time. The concussions again rocked the bunker, adding emphasis to Al Mudeh's words. The Councilor, just barely recovering from the first round of explosions, was again tossed around from the reverberations. He noted Al Mudeh rode through the concussions and remained standing - no doubt a product of the man's training in variable gravity warfare.

The command com came to life again, "Incoming rounds clearing the horizon, this time in force", the man responded, before adding, "they've bracketed us".

As the last of the previous round of concussions subsided Leonidas looked up at Al Mudeh. The command com was still open, and in the background the screams and moans of the injured could be heard. Al Mudeh stared back at Leonidas, the tablet still profered. Leonidas locked eyes with Al Mudeh for a second, and knew it was a mistake. Gone were the soft outlines from the face of the diplomat Antonio Al Mudeh, replaced by the barely controlled fury of a combat soldier. Leonidas closed his eyes and looked away, relenting. He sub vocalized a command, sending his acceptance of the contract to Al Mudeh, "its done. I've accepted the contact".

Al Mudeh waited for the electronic receipt, then reviewed Leonidas' acceptance of the contract. Once satisfied, he accessed the command com. "Joaquim".

"Yes Commander?"

"Unleash Hell".



You are Commander Anthony Al Mudeh, newly promoted commander for your mercenary organization, and your unit is currently being evaluated for employment into a low grav environment. However something has gone horribly wrong with the simulation: instead of the AIs using the simulator weapons, they are firing live ammunition! It is now up to you Commander to respond: your job is to knock out the enemy bases!



1. Destroy the initial Peace Keeper attack.

2. Immediately locate and conquer the simulator "Peace Keeper" bases.

3. Destroy all remaining AI units, to include all Hunter-Killer Satellites in near-orbit


The alphax.txt file for this game has been set up for a low grav environment, with some of the more notable modifications as follows:



- Movement rate along roads is now 4. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment

- Max Artillery range is 6. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment

- Max Airdrop is 15 tiles. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment.


- all terraforming has been disabled. Rationale: this is a training simulator, so there are no terraforming tools available. If you lose a terrain enhancement at one of your bases, there is no way to replace it!


- Infantry, Speeder, and Hovertank movements have been increased by one. Rationale: simulation of a low grav environment.

- there are no choppers or aircraft. Rationale: there is negligible atmosphere on this planetoid, so aircraft cannot fly.

- there is a missile-based drone available immediately for you to build. Rationale: in a low-grav environment missiles require less lift.


- Conventional Warhead changed to 6. Rationale: scenario balancing

- the Tectonic weapon value has been changed to 7. Rationale: aesthetics


- the only unit I am going to go in-depth about here is the E-Drone Mk1. This is a reconnaissance drone designed specifically for low grav/ low atmospheric environments. The unit has a missile chassis, as well as drop pods for extended range. Also, because it is flying high above the ground, it has enhanced visibility of the surrounding terrain. The E-Drone Mk1 has limited offensive and defensive abilities: because it is a military craft, the chassis is hardened (armor value of 3-Pulse), and offensively it has a weapon value of 6, so it can put out a punch, however as with all missiles it is destroyed once it attacks.


- Recon Satellites are available with Industrial base.

- Hunter-Killer Satellites are available with Applied Physics.


- the Spartan Faction has been modified to receive a free Aerospace Complex in every base. Rationale: scenario balancing.


- no terraforming. If you lose an enhancement, its gone forever!

- Spoils of War is on.

- No native life

- no colony pods can be built

- no technology advances

- no technology trading

- no planetary council





1. In your Alpha Centauri/ Scenarios folder create a new folder called "Hammertime".

2. Download and unzip the attached files into the subdirectory.

3. Start SMAX.

4. Select "Scenario", then "Play Scenario".

5. Navigate to the "Hammertime" subdirectory and load the scenario. It will automatically start up with the Spartans.;sa=view;down=378


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